Operation Enduring Welcome presents

Tree Amigos! holiday festivities with Dalainis House!

Tree Amigos kickoff
Saturday November 26

Donation Drive and Floor Wars Competition
November 26- December 16

Holiday celebration December 23 2022

OEW board of directors will meet at Dalianis House with coffee and donuts for residents and to kickoff the Holiday season by decorating the 3rd floor common room. This shows off Holiday pride for the veterans as part of the Holiday Stroll, while giving them a festive place to gather, and introduce upcoming events

Gift Card Collection

We will be collecting gift cards in the $25-$50 range to downtown restaurants and businesses to give as prizes to the winning floor, and to Dalianis residents attending our Holiday party. Gift cards to nearby businesses gives veterans a reason to explore nearby businesses and feel welcome over the holidays!

Floor Wars Deck the halls

Holiday Hallway Decorating contest! Each Floor of Dalianis is given decorating supplies to use in their kitchenettes, on their doors and in their halls. Residents will be encouraged to participate collaboratively in a friendly competition to showcase their creativity and unique holiday spirit!

2022 Holiday Celebration

We will be providing a dinner for Veterans at Dalianis to celebrate the holidays, we will hold the judging for Floor Wars. We are collecting gift cards for all attending residents, as well as prizes for Floor Wars competition, based on criteria for best overall presentation, most unique presentation, most evident teamwork, and a number of unsung hero Awards.

Operation Enduring Welcome is a charitable organization, with a mission to To welcome veterans into civilian community, through quarterly events, supported by an association of business and community members, We are exclusively volunteer run and organized/ We partner with involved to impact, our fiscal agent, as we continue to develop our organizational structure and resources to help veterans. For general event info and activities, follow us on Facebook here:https://www.facebook.com/EnduringWelcome/

Dalainis House is a Dalianis House is a 40-unit apartment complex located at 59 Factory Street in Nashua. In 2010, Harbor Care spearheaded a massive renovation of the property (once a furniture outlet), and now serves male veterans in one bedroom and single room occupancy apartments. 


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