buy dinner for a vet!Bookmark our page and stay tuned for updates! To join our operation, email us at Operationenduringelcome@gmail.com!

Our Mission:

To welcome veterans into civilian community, through quarterly events,
supported by an association of business and community members.

Operation Enduring Welcome is a labor of love. Nine years ago, Amber was walking by Dalainis house for Veterans, on Factory Street as the Holiday Season approached and wondered if there was anything she could do to help liven it up. She reached out to Tom Lopez, who was interning at Dalainis, having met him once before when donating suits. Tom and Amber have been working ever since to organize volunteer events at Dalainis.

Seven years ago, Veterans from Dalainis approached Tom, and Positive Street Art about doing a mural over some tagging that had taken place near the front door. Tom and Positive Street Art recognized the need to build a stronger community between veterans and artists, and the Hearts and Minds for Veterans series began.

Positive Street Art joined in the effort and brought tremendous new visibility and support to an old idea: Veterans should feel welcome in our city. This is an idea that many share and many support, and Amber, and Tom have taken the next steps to see that it endures.

Operation Enduring Welcome

Founded July 4th 2018

To welcome veterans into civilian, through quarterly events supported by businesses and community.

It’s current board includes:

Tom Lopez President

Amber Morgan Vice President

Ernie Jette, Treasurer

Trish Klee Secretary

Dave Pothier

Heather Lane

As Involved To Impact Inc. We are pleased to support this organization in it’s first steps, as it inspires leadership through service in communities in need, and builds synergy between leaders.

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