Honduras Outreach Team

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Honduras is a republic in central America bordered by Nicaragua, Guatemala and el salvador. It is a developing country rich in resources, and even richer in heritage. prior to spanish conquest Honduras was home to several important mesoamerican cultures. Honduras in tropical near the coast and temperate in the mountains.


Honduras faces economic and ecological challenges common to many emerging countries. Basic infrastructure for electricity and plumbing are not available to many and unemployment. Over 50% of the population of Honduras lives below the relative poverty line, overall unemployment is around 27% and much higher in specific areas. It is the sixth poorest country in Latin America.

Push Fear Aside and Lead!

Join a trip! You will need $650 to pay for airfare and to contribute to room and board,

We partner with Project Eden, a local organization that will host us in a protected setting and will provide in country support.

You will need to commit to working with your team to fundraise additional resources to complete projects, We are a team when we travel and we work together to prepare.

You will need a passport and to consult a travel clinic for appropriate inoculations. Accommodations are very basic, this is not a vacation to see the world, , it is an opportunity to learn about yourself.

If you are interested in donating, participating, or following along, email us at involvedtoimpact@gmail.com

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