2020 HOT

Today is our team’s first full day in Honduras. Juana was fully rested from travel, as evidence by energetic knocking on Tom’s door, looking for coffee. Luis met Marvin and Cristhian and went to Luis’ studio to work on sketches for this year’s first mural, at a nearby soccer stadium. We also took a look at some of our older murals at the Hogar which will need replacing.

This is Lent, so we attended church with the community as well, before lunch.

After Church we took a tour around the city, and we went over our supplies. One of our bottles of paint opened on the way down, but we had packaged everything so that all we had to do was let the paint dry and then reclaim everything inside. After that we went to play Soccer!

After we finished Soccer, we has dinner at a nearby spot. The food was great, and the company was better!

We returned to the Hogar to plan for the next day. Tom went with Cristhian and Marvin to work on some mural prep with Luis. Using a projector we were able to presketch tomorrow’s plan on the wall.

2020 Day 1

It’s all about the travel the first day. This year we are a new group, travelling together for the first time. We caught the first plane out of Boston for Atlanta Georgia.

We landed early in Atlanta, but Juana used the time well, helping a guy we met disembarking, find his way to his plane heading to El Salvador. We boarded the plane for our seats in the far back. Apparently sitting in the back gives you free leftovers, either that or the Steward really liked Tom who had several juices, two free coffees and an extra granola bar. Landing in Honduras we were reminded that world is watchful for the Corona virus, especially a country with a limited health care structure. Also They Are Concerned In Honduras Too.

We have arrived!
Well alright, we had five more hours of driving.