2019 trip Day 7 Involved to Impact

It is our final work day, so we are concentrating on the final mural at the library. We had pancakes for breakfast with the staff of Hogar Los Ninos. When we arrived on site, it was straight to work. Luis worked on a mural depicting Robin Hood, Jyl a mural with many creative stories coming from a book, Drok painted the door and Sam painted a cloudy background with Tom, and then the alphabet.

Isella joined us just before lunch and started working on another piece while Tom and Drok painted the back wall and Sam finished her letters.Reporters came to interview again, to spread the word of the projects we have been doing. Profelita came with a class full of students to thank is and to present us with a snack.Lunch was great, Listenia cooked something special for each of us, Jyl and Mario brought it back for us to eat on site. Sam initiated an impromptu dance party with Luis and Isella, then with the arrival of Erika Karolina, Arte Positivo member since the beginning, we were back to work

Alfredo came as well, he admired the work of artists. Luis affirmed there as a musician, Alfredo is an artist as well. It brought to mind the elements of hip hop that Universal Zulu Nation conceptualizes. Bboys (Dancers) Graffiti, DJ, and MC. A holistic view of what we see in Honduras is singing, dancing, instruments, and painting, though there are many more elements, craftsmanship, sculpture, and more. Luis invited us to his tv show after painting, which he runs every Tuesday night. We were able to talk about art and the kind of work our team has helped accomplish over the years.

When we returned we had dinner and made plans for where to send any leftover supplies we brought. We also talked about plans to keep in touch throughout the year with Microchip, with Luis, and to maintain the connections we had built upon.

Sam successfully completed her second trip, and her project as lead. She joins the ranks of Nashua HOT alumni who realize in a deep way, that the world we visited marches on as we return to our own. The need remains, the passion is real and the courage to push fear aside, and lead, is something we all have waiting to be rekindled. We are connected, even as elements of art make up hip hop, leadership is made up of many expressions of service, meeting need.

We all made a choice to get involved in the lives of others. We brought what we had, we prepared as best we could, and we made a positive impact in the lives of many.