2019 trip Day 6 Renewal

This morning we tackled Sam’s return project. Last year she took note of this playground at a Kindergarten.So this year we planned to restore it to a place children could play. The Hondurans started by painting the wall and equipment. We spent the morning removing construction debris, including a couple hundred pounds of moldy asbestos roofing.Sam interviewed as spokesperson, for two local news stations to raise awareness of what we are doing and the projects underway here in the community.We picked up three truckloads of debris and brought them to a nearby landfill.While a better location than a kindergarten playground, this field is a dump site which is eventually burned via controlled fire. Nothing as organized or environmentally friendly as we are used to in Nashua, where trash is sorted, incinderated, recycled, compacted landfilled and monitored.Tomorrow we will be laying down fresh turf and soil to make the ground a little safer for young children.We returned to the Hogar Los Ninos for lunch and a siesta, the temperature was mid nineties today so working with the sun at it’s peak was not a good idea.Drogon didn’t mind the heat at all.Our afternoon project is at a school library. We met the principal and many students, whom Sam entertained and quizzed.Then we got to work prepping the site, moving booksheves and furniture, cleaning and priming the wall.Drok taught a pop up dance class when kids started to get really curious as school let out.We also bumped into 2.0, a boy interested in break dancing on Drok’s first trip. As always, Drok brought him shoes.Then we had dinner at Karina’s coffee shop down the street from the Hogar.Los MicroChip was waiting for us at the Hogar when we returned. Their dance practice was cut short by news of a personal tragedy.

As a team, we do extend our best wishes to them. We are guests in their community, they have made us welcome, we share their pain.