2019 trip Day 5 The Summit

We have passed the halfway point of the trip, today is a day of rest and celebration. Drok was not quite ready to emerge renewed but was on he mend. It is Easter Sunday, so of course we went to celebrate Easter mass with the community.

We encountered a surprise in the form of Father Dan St. Laurence, founder of project Eden, former pastor of St. Louie’s church in Nashua.

We picked up Drok and went to have lunch. In observance of Easter, many shops and restaurants were closed, but we found one.

We spent the afternoon at the Hogar planning our last two days. We hard-boiled and colored Easter eggs to surprise Listenia, our cook. We reunited with Oscar as well who watches the Hogar at night.

The summit is always better sweet, it is the height of the mountain, with the best view of what came before and what comes ahead, we are nearing the final stretch of our work week. The team is recharged and refocused, tomorrow we will work on the playground and more murals