2019 Trip Blog Day 2 Unlock Potential

We began our day in paradise, Drok locked out of his room and Luis waiting at the gates.

Mario gave Drok an assist with a butter knife, and our day began. Listenia has been cooking for our trips for years, she always has a coffee ready in the kitchen. Breakfast is typically juice, cereal and something special.

Local honey helps with allergies but really just tastes good on pancakes

We started collecting pictures of Chickens for Alderwoman Shoshanna Kelly back home, and will run a separate news feed for those. #chickenfeed

Of course we do not have roosters in Nashua as they are prohibited by ordinance.

Group photo at today’s work site

The ground in front of this year’s section of the mural is more like a cliff so Mario build in a ledge

Luis brought students from his art studio to help.

We ran a quick errand to get veggies for Sam who is vegetarian

Sam started planning out signs for Saturday’s Art Festival

Still needing some touch up on the Welcome To San Francisco Mural, we broke for the afternoon and went to Centro Park, Luis is doing a custom mural for Easter, so first, Christmas has to be over.

Manny’s impact on the Sam Francisco Art scene is already spreading fast, as evident in some of the artwork shown above, but every time we do one mural ourselves, Arte Positivo has half a dozen more waiting for us when we return.

We were tired and ready for dinner like this guy.

But of course Micro Chip arrived and Drok’s time began. Two days to the dance competition, let’s see what potential Drok can unlock.