2019 trip Day 3 No Longer Foreigners and Strangers

We started our morning with grilled cheese Quesadillas! Today we went to see the Stations of the Cross. Last night being Holy Thursday, the celebration of the last supper, and today being Good Friday, where the Passion of Christ is observed. We left at 8 am, the 14 stations concluded around noon. This is aContinue reading “2019 trip Day 3 No Longer Foreigners and Strangers”

Join 2020!

Are you interested in joining our 2020 team? Our tentative dates are February 29 to March 6 with some variance based on plane ticket availability. Trip members interview with the team oversight committee, and make a two year commitment. Your first year goal is to learn and experience the communities we work in, your secondContinue reading “Join 2020!”