Dimensions of self

How tall are you, what size is your foot, what size is your belt? We know the answers don’t define us, what about how old you are? The world around us is most immediately perceived in three dimensions, yet we often mark the accumulation of time, by it’s passage, because we march towards an invisible finish line. To lead is to turn forward towards that line, with the conviction that it is forward, and not backwards, where we must look. As physicists seek to measure the physical world, it has become undeniable that to understand the universe we see, we must recognize the interaction of the much larger universe, that we do not.

Our lives are shared. Our experiences are only one side of a whole shared by others. We echo in the memories of others, as they do in ours, and in that connection, lies our true definition.

For, even in the 3 dimensional world we live in, the whole of a thing cannot be perceived from one vantage alone. We see only what is before us and to fully understand even an apple, we can turn it around, to explore it’s shape, lift it to feel it’s weight, yet until we take a bite, it is still largely a mystery.

“Ever since they told him about Adam and Eve, I can’t get him to eat an apple.”

The future can only be examined as an unfolding and ever changing shape, only itts shadow is visible today. The past, which defines us so much more certainly, likewise, exists only in the shadow of subjective memory. Can a lesson be held in such a state? Can a truth be discerned?

Leadership is about examining these possibilities, and taking a bite, but it is more. Even as the tesseract can only conceived in our imagination, there too, lies the future. Be courageous, be discerning, be humble, and find others who help you to be these things. Leadership needs many perspectives, to define itself. A leader cannot see all sides alone, seek others with vision, inspire their imagination, define yourself and others by possibility, not limitations.