Who are you?

Do you journey alone? Maybe you aren’t who you think you are, on the journey of self discovery.

The “hero with a thousand faces” is the notion by Joseph Campbell, that there is a commonality in the stories of human existence. A journey with a shared structure retold throughout history, around the world, which a resonant theme of human conception.

You generally can’t have such a ” hero’s journey” without archetypes, the hero the mentor and the helper. These elements prompt action and support a a narrative exploring the journey from what is known to what is unknown, the attainment of understanding, and the achievements that change the world.

There are the guardians of the threshold who resist change, and the temptation to abandon a goal as progress as made. What will keep you grounded in your story, is the recognition of what part you play, and who you carry with you. Are you the hero, are you the helper, or are you the mentor.

What truth do you seek?

What if? What must be done? How?

To lead with determination, discernment, and inspiration, is often a cyclical process that paralells the classic journey.

A leader knows, often, direction, destination or pathway, but seldom all three, for there are many ways to lead.

But are you the center of the story around which action revolves, or are you the helper, who leads through humility dedicated to empowering others to carry forward a dream. Endowed with gifts, or knowledge or ability that is most useful wielded by others.

Or does the dream have a purpose, a method, a code. What are the laws and the precedents that must inform an experience. What must be given to another. These questions a mentor must anticipate to answer. The mentor must work to achieve understanding for another, to achieve the dreams of another, giving of self, selflessly.

And finally the story must unfold. The hero must accept what is given, protect those who serve and carry the message of those who teach. The hero must seek inspiration without rest, and carry burdens assume risks and carry on to the end.

So leader in all forms, must serve to succeed. The hero is the learner and the grateful. The helper is the follower and the faithful. The mentor is the watcher and the trusting.

Your life is a story to be told, your struggles a memory to be shared, your challenges a blue print for future inspiration, but your life is not alone. We share a world full of journies, with other adventurers and we walk the same roads to different destinations. Your journey weaves into a greater story.

So seek adventure, and give riches, help others to gain knowledge, and have faith, as your story unfolds.

Tom Lopez

President, 2019 trip leader.